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Monday, May 11, 2009

Well...Breakfast IS The Most Important Meal

Last week, I featured a story about a restaurant in California that found the image of the Virgin Mary burned into a pancake griddle and caused a big stir amongst believers in breakfast food miracles.

The attention that Mary got over the past week must have ruffled some feathers as it seems that GOD, in an effort to show up Mary, has appeared in , not one, but 3 pieces of fried salami in South Florida. Well he didn't show up per se, he instead tagged each piece with a letter, spelling out his name.

The real miracle here is that Nancy Simoes, the woman who discovered this appearance, happened to flip over the salami in the correct order to spell out his name. There would have been some terrible confusion and no doubt an explosion of Canine Worshipping Cults had the woman picked up the salami in the reverse order.

Simoes, obviously devoutly religious, said that she is planning on selling the salami on Ebay to try to profit from this 'miracle'. I wonder if she will donate 10% of the remaining salami to the church as a tithing.

Strangely enough, I witnessed an anti-miracle while I was eating breakfast this morning. Lucifer appeared in my Alphabits Cereal. I wonder what I could get for that...OH NO!! I used a double-coupon to buy the cereal...does that mean I sold my soul?

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