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Friday, May 8, 2009

This Is Your Mom's Brain On Drugs

A woman in Oklahoma was sentenced yesterday to 10 years for being a despicable human being. More specifically, Caroline Beavers, a disgusting pig and 'mother' to a 7-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome, was sentenced for allowing another filthy pig to blow weed smoke into her son's face; all while video taping it so they could enjoy the abuse late and at their leisure.

Morons!! Ok, before I tirade about how badly this burned-out broad and her trashy friend need to be removed from society, first I'd like to ask the following: when are criminals going to figure out you shouldn't video tape yourself committing a crime?

Okay, with this particular brand of stupid and unbelievably tasteless there really isn't anything funny...

I know you can't control who breeds and who doesn't, but seriously, can there be some exceptions? Here is my suggestion:

If you have been convicted of a serious crime involving the endangerment of children, then you don't get to have kids. Plain and simple

If you have murdered someone...no kids

Pedophiles...no kids

You don't agree with me...no kids! Alright, maybe that's taking it too far and when we aren't careful, that's how blanket rulings like that get out of hand.

Anyway, these two slobs are just two more people that I believe wouldn't be missed. Good riddance...you're lucky its not 100 years.


  1. Nick i like where your thoughts are going here, and i have said for a while that there should be a test to be a parent, but once we start deciding who should be allowed to procreate, and who shouldn't, aren't we going down a slippery slope there? where would it end?

    On another note, i am ALL for the castration of all pedophiles. No Children for you. Period! END OF STORY! you cannot be trusted, and truth be told, i would happily put rifles in pedophile hands and send them to Iraq than reservists, and NEVER bring them back. i know i wouldn't miss them :)

  2. by the way Mullet is RJ Arditti... DAMN there goes my secret identity!

  3. Yes, I agree, it would start a slippery slope. I was being facetious.

    BTW- you did blow your secret identity...don't blow mine. It ruins the super hero facade once the public knows who you are and it enables supervillains to can get to you :)


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