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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stand Still Lest You Break Your Hymen

Reuters reported today that in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia(home of our great 'allies') the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs started a movement to shut down women's gyms. What would cause them to want to do this? Well, other than the fact that they are, in a psychological sense, a few virgins short of a harem over there, members of the Ministry are afraid that with all of the physical activity inside these gyms, females will be at risk of breaking things.

Namely, their hymens.

Ministry member Sheikh Abdullah al-Maneea stated "excessive movement may harm girls who are still virgins, possibly causing them to lose their virginity." Thus, I guess, making them impure and no longer marriage material.

What I've learned from this story is that Saudi's don't care how out of shape their women are as long as they weren't screwed by a jumping-jack.

Women in the region have been resisting this ridiculous movement against them, but I think that any resistant action short of them racing a bunch of camels bare-back won't be enough.


In a semi-related story from the same region a 50 year old man has decided to divorce his NINE-YEAR-OLD wife. Not because she is NINE and he is a disgusting predator. And not because the laws over there prohibit a man from marrying someone who was negative 41-years old when he was born- because they don't.

The decision to divorce was made due to criticism he was facing from the rag-tag group of morons otherwise known as the United Nations (finally doing something at least partially right). The marriage contract was set up by this poor girl’s father when she was 8. Nothing says love like a father trading his daughter to a man old enough to be HIS father.

Apparently there are no age restrictions with regard to marriage contracts. Luckily there is a law that says "he would not be permitted to live with her or consummate the marriage until she had reached puberty” Yeah...that makes it all better. Seems to me this pervert just didn't want to wait a couple of years.

So what is there to learn from this?

First, I know it isn't 'PC' but some cultures are just about as backwards as you can get...

Second, that it is probably WAAAAY better to join a gym and hope for a grand 'pop', then to be sold into what is practically child slavery and be violated by a Grandpop.



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  2. Being PC is not fun at all. I much prefer being judgemental and antagonizing.


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