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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kim Jong IL-Communication

So, North Korea just keeps testing more and more short-range missiles. And the United Nations in typical fashion keeps holding press conferences stating that this is not acceptable, it won't be tolerated, and the international community won't be intimidated...and then doing absolutely nothing to put an end to the testing. Oh, wait...I'm mistaken.

The U.N. DID pass a "non-binding statement of criticism" against North Korea's nuclear tests. Boy oh Boy those U.N. officials can really lay a smackdown on dictators who violate international laws - some people think waterboarding is harsh, but typing out a letter of disappointment...

If the U.N. continues to express these harsh public scoldings towards Pyongyang, then the North Koreans win. (~end sarcasm)

What a useless group of self-indulgent, pompous jackasses. There is no appeasing a guy like Kim Jong-Il. He's like an Asian Napoleon, only shorter and more strokey.

Many analysts believe these missile launches are just ploys to gain bargaining power for the six-party nuclear talks because talking and rationalization obviously works well when dealing with delusional psychopaths (look up NNPT).

Look, I'm not saying that North Korea poses the biggest threat in the world. In less than 60 seconds we could wipe them from the history books- I am not suggesting that this is a great idea either. But, there are only so many times you can put a misbehaving child like Ill-Jong on a time out before you gotta give him a little swat on the ass and take away his toys.

I really wish the powers that be can come up with ways to transform guys like Kim Jong-Il from tyrannical maniacs into rational and humane members of society, but I don't live in La-La-Land. In the meantime, real world problems need to be dealt with according to their threat. If it is determined that North Korea's firework show is less threatening than a sparkler, then stop giving Ill-Jong encouragement with all this News coverage. If it's determined that he could do more damage than an M-80 in a toilet bowl, then let’s squash him like the bug that he is and provide aide to the citizens of that shithole.

Either way, this creep needs to be monitored closely and dealt with in a manner that is less concerned with his feelings and more concerned with global security.

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