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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I read about a study that was performed by a sex researcher named Rachel Jones claiming that, when used properly, the ever so taboo "pull-out" method of birth control, or as I so cleverly and disgustingly just decided to call it: the back off--on back method, is just as effective in reducing pregnancy as a condom is. My first instinct is disbelief.

Jones' conclusion is based on personal studies on monogamous couples who are not at risk of STD's, and who perform this act correctly, every time; and data generated by the Guttmacher Institute. The results? Well, according to Ms. Jones, with perfect use, withdrawal has a 4% failure rate, condoms have a 2%percent failure rate. She goes on to say, though, that nobody is perfect and the actual failure rates for these methods are 18% and 17% respectively. There is no way that there is only a 1% difference here.

Let’s ignore the fact that this study is ridiculous for a second and address the idea that condoms, during typical use, fail 17% of the time!! That seems like a ridiculously high and scary number to me.

Ok back to the main topic. Of course, since the release of this study, there has been tremendous backlash from a lot of different people (not just from abstinence only groups). Furthermore, there are plenty of studies with contradicting conclusions. So, I suppose the truth with regard to the effectiveness of this method literally lies in the hands of the penis-puller-outer as its all about aim and timing. Miss by and inch, miss by nine months.

There is a fear that surrounds promoting the "safety" of bare-backing it. The story tries to mitigate that fear by directing it towards monogamous couples only. However, many people believe this information will cause young adults/teens to be less responsible with sex, thereby causing more teen pregnancies. Personally, I'm not certain teens these days could be less responsible than they already are considering risky sexual activity among them is at an all time high.

Furthermore, no matter what information is out there and "what the data shows", people are going to do what ever they want to do, and are going to do "IT" in the manner they see fit. Anything short of an Enter At Your Own Risk sign fastened to a woman's pelvis is probably not going to cause a guy to think twice about throwing on a condom if he wasn't already going to. And to be honest, even that wouldn't work.

Perhaps a Surgeon General's warning detailing the potential side effects of a sexual-alleyway misfire would help.

WARNING: Using the pull-out method may be hazardous to the future of your wallet for the next 18 years. Pulling-out incorrectly may cause complications such as pregnancy, prolonged cancerous relationships, and high blood pressure.

Hey...it worked really well to reduce smoking, right?

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