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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Teach-inator

If there is one thing that Sci-fi films have taught me, its that the complete takeover and extermination of human civilization by machines is not only inevitable, but long overdue. And when the time comes, we will have Japan to thank for it all.

In an attempt not to be outdone by this guy with his robotic girlfriend, Aiko, a group of developers in Tokyo, who are obviously working for Skynet, have created Saya; a sophisticated robot programmed to be a substitute elementary school teacher.

I can only imagine that Kyle Reese is rolling around in his grave right now as we are seemingly one step closer to Judgment Day. Though Saya is far from fully functional, and not nearly as pretty as Aiko (...umm what?) "she" has been a big hit in the classrooms. Robo-teach is really just a puppet being controlled by what I can only assume is a teacher who was too lazy to change out of her pajamas and get to work. BUT this is how it always begins...Pretty soon we'll be so reliant on machines for everything, we will become obsolete.

The good News in all of this is that the logical next invention to come about is time travel; which we will need to utilize in order to send someone back to stop the creation of these electronic educators. Personally, I can't wait for that because I always wished I had seen The Terminator in the theater... and that might be my only chance.

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