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Friday, May 22, 2009

Real Men Wear Pink...And An M-60

In light of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be fitting to give praise to our brave and honorable brothers and sisters in arms. Our soldiers rarely receive the gratitude they deserve, nor do they ask for it. It is their selflessness, courage, and their unrelenting bonds to one another that make them truly remarkable human beings.

In the News today, there is an article about one such individual, Specialist Zachery Boyd. Specialist Boyd is a soldier out of Fort Worth Texas who, like many of his fellow soldiers, is currently on the frontline fighting battles in Afghanistan.

As the story goes, on May 11th Boyd was asleep in his rack when the Taliban attacked his base and a firefight ensued. Awoken by the gunfire and only thinking of helping defend his post, he darted from his rack; grabbed his M-60, Flak jacket, and his Kevlar; and rushed out to the firing line to assist his brothers. Oh...did I mention he wasn't wearing any pants? That's right, no pants. Just a pair of pink I Love NY boxers, red t-shirt, and shower shoes.

That, my friends, is sensibility. No, I'm not talking about fashion. I mean, being abruptly woken up and having the wherewithal to grab only what is essential to assist in his mission...protecting his brothers.

Though this story is certainly more amusingly lighthearted than most stories of battle, the courage displayed is certainly not unique to that one day. Day in and day out our soldiers bravely face and overcome immeasurable struggles during battles in the name of Freedom. Let's not forget that. Specialist Boyd epitomizes this bravery in battle, and he managed to do the impossible...make pink boxers look tough.

Well done Specialist! We are indebted to our Armed Services. I wish a safe return home to you all.

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