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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The State of The Union

Hey Tiraders,

This is just a few verses I put together. Before you read this please know that I am not anti-government or anything. I just think they need to be kept in check. :)

The State Of The Union

The media's got a stronghold on society

You might choose the flavor, but they choose the variety

Its got me scared man. Its time to stand and

Come together as one to formulate a damn plan.

They call it a melting pot. Turn the heat down

Its time to all join hands together in peace now

Or take to the streets now. Make our voices heard

Instead we give away our choices and follow the herd

Information we get isn't investigated then reported

It's paraphrased, opinion based, spun, and distorted

What's bred from biased views, is not really news

so the whole 'no news is good news' is not really true

The more outlets we have, the more people seem confused

By cons fusing slogans to ad-homs and excuse

"The place for politics", "The World Leader in News",

"Fair and Balanced"; each one a ruse

And the state of politics really makes me sick

Politicians just keep slinging mud 'til it sticks

Trying to prove their high morals by painting others as wicked

Creating high murals in idolatry full of cynics.

They sold the soul of responsibilities

and continually rape a system

Bought buy sponsors with abilities

to essentially shape decisions.

Neocons with blind faith, Liberals with false hopes

have common sense and rationality walking a thin rope

Extreme actions of both result the same way

Some benefit, and the rest just rot away.

If not today, then when will we realize

Five-hundred and thirty-five shouldn't control our lives.

Neither should nine, impede on our rights.

They all have a role and that role should be slight.

We the citizens must keep them balanced and in check

Make sure they rightfully check balances before writing checks

Make sure that checks and balances are in place and correct

And correct imbalances thru vote checks and protests.

United we stand and divided we fall

That was true in Aesop's fable and in John Dickenson's song

Every conscious being knows innately right and wrong

Let's stand up for Liberty and Justice for all.

Back in Business

Hey Tiraders,

Sorry for the looooooooooooo (deep breath) oooooooooooooooong absence! Thank you Mr C. and Mr O. for shooting me comments and helping to prompt my return!

There's nothing I can say other than I needed to take some time to rest...but that wasn't fair. No it wasn't fair because in my absence, attacks against common sense continued in our world metropolis. But fear NOT Tiraders. I have returned . I will don my underwear outside my tights, tie my cape around my neck, and fasten my utility belt . For I am once again ready to defend common sense against those who wish to see it destroyed. (Dramatic enough..?)

Thank you all for being patient with me. I will start Tirading again this week.

Friday, October 30, 2009

DAY 31! The Rules of Halloween

Day 31: The last day of the countdown is finally here! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Have a great Halloween!

Trick R' Treat (2009) (delayed since 2007)

I will start this one like a few others I've posted. Trick R' Treat is not a 'scary' movie. It is, however, a great movie to ring in Halloween night.

This movie is all about the rules of Halloween and, moreover, what happens if you break those rules.

In case you were wondering what happens...you get killed. Perhaps by this little guy (Sam) in the picture

The movie is actually 4 short stories that are intertwined and connected by these rules. There are werewolves, creepy kids, a murderous principal, and of course Sam- the protector of Halloween rules.

This straight to DVD flick has plenty of well known actors in it (including Anna Paquin), The cinematography of the flick is its strongest point. Perfect for a chilly fall evening full of ghosts and ghouls. Make sure you follow the rules...

Once again. I hope you all enjoyed this countdown. I will be back to my old commentary in no time.

Day 30: 'That house is not fit to live in.'

Only 2 more days of the 31 Days of Halloween countdown left! then it is back to my regularly scheduled Tirading :)

Day 30: The Changeling (1980) ---NO! Not that Angelina Jolie movie!!

1980's The Changeling is, for reasons beyond me, left off of most lists of scary movies. Perhaps it is due to its very slow, calm introduction period which isn't suitable for many viewers in the 'I want it now' era. BUT if you have patience for FILMS, atmospheric detail, and mood development then this gem is for you. It is a bit slow in the beginning, but believe me ther eis a payoff. This is one of the creepiest movies ever made.
The story focuses around a man (George C. Scott) who lost his family inan accident, and so he rents an old mansion to take some alone time to get himself together. Only problem is, he's not alone. the mansion is haunted and hiding a dark secret.
There are very few films out there that lay the creepiness on quite so thick. I dare you to watch The Changeling alone...but, just don't try watching it when you are tired.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 28 & 29: One's and Two's

Day 28:
Creepshow 1 and 2

The Creepshow series is like the original 'Tales From the Crypt' (which is also well worth watching). It is a compilaiton of short movies interconnected by a host segueing in between them. While Creepshow might not be 'scary', it is, as the title insists, creepy. For Creepshow I, the short to look out for is called 'They're Creeping Up On You', which will definitely have you squirming in your seat! Warning: If you have an extreme fear of bugs, pass up on this. There are a lot of formerly large stars in this including: Leslie Nielson, Ted Danson, and Stephen King among others.
Creepshow II is a great extension of this series with many more creepy shorts. In this one, look out for 'The Hitchhiker'. This is a great little creepfest featuring a victim of a hit and run who just won't die before he gets a ride.

Day 29:
Saw 1 and 2
Ok, so I know a lot of people are sick of Saw because of all of the sequels, but hear me out. 1st, part of what makes horror movies great is the fact that the killer doesn't die and you get to see him (or her) kill over and over again. 2nd, as far as originality in a horror movie goes, Saw is right up there near the top
3rd, this movie series actually holds sentimental value with me. Sounds ridiculous I know, but on October 29, 2004 I took Mrs. Caped on our first date. Being the romantic that I am, that date was to see Saw (hahah- seesaw). Anyway, YES, she still ended up marrying me. So the Saw series became a running point of humor in our relationship. We call it our anniversary movie because every year since, there has been a sequel in the theater during our anniversary.
Ok, so if you can get past Danny Glovers horrifically terrible acting, Saw 1 is a smart and fun ride. The death scenes are creative and the plot has great twists.
Saw II (my favorite in the series) is more of the same but it pits a group of criminals together in a house. Get ready to cringe and gasp about 30 seconds after one of the criminals uncovers a hole in the floor full of syringes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 27: 'You're gonna die'

The Strangers (2008)

Contrary to the movies in my last post, The Strangers is a VERY frightening movie! It is suspenseful and smart and the killers are regular everyday people who decide to randomly torment and kill a random couple. That's it. No reasons. No elaborations. That's it.

The mood is dark throughout with the main couple (anchored by Liv Tyler) having some relationship trouble after Tyler turns down a wedding proposal from her boyfriend. They go to a remote house in the woods and everyone knows what happens in remote houses in the woods...

The killers in this film wear very simple Halloween masks which make them seem even scarier then if they were all done up. There are a lot of creepy 'peeping tom' style moments wear the killers are keeping a watchful eye on the helpless couple. If you haven't seen this, then go get it. But be warned, you might be very uncomfortable trying to fall asleep tonight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 25 and 26: The Good Book vs. The Book of The Dead

Day 25 of the 31 Days of Halloween countdown

Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie Darko is not scary by any means, but as far as strange and confusing go, it is a the top of my list. The movie is unique and terrific and will have you asking yourself 'what the fuck is going on' pretty often.

Centered around Donnie (Jake JillAndHall...whatever), a kid who stumbles onto time travel. Either that or he's nuts...I mean he does frequently talk to a 6 foot tall demonic looking bunny rabbit...then again I had some interesting imaginary friends in my days...then again, again, I wasn't a teenager when I saw them. I digress. This movie is a great halloween flick as it takes place around the holiday. Also, there is a great performance by Patrick Swayze as a creepy and demented 'child of God' who preeches various distortions of biblical text to the towns people forming sort of a cult community in which some of the most criminal of peole linger. This movie explores what can happen when you are aloud not only to glimpse into the future, but perhaps change it too.

The Evil Dead (1981)

Evil Dead is not a scary flick either. What it is, is the king of all 'B' horror movies and the real start to the career of the greatest 'B' movie actor of all time, Bruce Campbell. The man is a comedy/horror genius and (as I met him last year) one cool, yet cocky, S.O.B.

Evil Dead is about a group of college kids who go to a cabin in the woods for vacation and uncover the Necronomicon (the book of the dead). These not too horror savvy teens accidentally unleash demons into the woods and end up getting picked off one by one as they try to take shelter in the cabin.

Sam Raimi (Spiderman) Directed this gem. The effects are cheesey and the one-liners are ever more so...if by cheesey I mean AWESOME!!

This movie is so good that a group of people made a musical out of it, (which I saw, sat in the front few rows for, and got splattered with fake blood = good times). Do yourself a huge favor and watch the whole trilogy. If you are a fan of blood, comedy, and quotable lines you won't be disappointed.