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Friday, October 30, 2009

DAY 31! The Rules of Halloween

Day 31: The last day of the countdown is finally here! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Have a great Halloween!

Trick R' Treat (2009) (delayed since 2007)

I will start this one like a few others I've posted. Trick R' Treat is not a 'scary' movie. It is, however, a great movie to ring in Halloween night.

This movie is all about the rules of Halloween and, moreover, what happens if you break those rules.

In case you were wondering what happens...you get killed. Perhaps by this little guy (Sam) in the picture

The movie is actually 4 short stories that are intertwined and connected by these rules. There are werewolves, creepy kids, a murderous principal, and of course Sam- the protector of Halloween rules.

This straight to DVD flick has plenty of well known actors in it (including Anna Paquin), The cinematography of the flick is its strongest point. Perfect for a chilly fall evening full of ghosts and ghouls. Make sure you follow the rules...

Once again. I hope you all enjoyed this countdown. I will be back to my old commentary in no time.


  1. Marvellous! Hope you had a great Halloween Tirader.

  2. Haha, I was waiting to see if you would post this one!

  3. Nice! It's still November so I guess I can still feel the spirit of Halloween while watching that. Thanks for this movie suggestion.

  4. still waiting, STILL WAITING, come back.


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