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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 9: "I live off blood..."

Day 9 of the 31 Days of Halloween countdown:

Let The Right One In (2004- English subtitled)

WARNING: This movie definitely is not for everyone.

To call 'Let The Right One In' a movie would be an inaccurate description. It is not a movie so much as it is a piece of artwork full of deep, dark, heavy-hearted imagery. It is not even scary...in the cheap thrills and gore kind of way, at least.

Its not scary.....its truly disturbing. It is uncomfortable. It kind of makes you feel like you need to shower. BUT it is also beautiful and engulfing and truly unique in the film world.

Adapted from a Swedish book by the same name, 'Let The Right One In' is a tale about a 12 year old boy (Oskar) who is an outcast at his school. No friends and totally alone. Until one day he meets Eli. Eli is an equally lonely and outcasted 12 year old girl who moves into his apartment complex with her father. Well, not really. Eli is a centuries old vampire who is trapped in the body of a 12 year old and travels with a man who is actually a pedophile (I know...its crazy!)

So, despite the obvious differences between Oskar and Eli, they grow very close. Though Eli is a vampire, this tale is less about vampirism as it is about the depression and loneliness of alienated, lost souls and the bond that can develop between two of these souls.

ANOTHER WARNING: In the story, Eli is a vampire and not a little girl. It is explained that she doesn't have lower girl parts, but at one point in the film they show her lower front. It isn't real, but it makes for an uncomfortable moment.


  1. The wronger the better. I'm going to check this one out. Me and my fascination with weird shit.

  2. @Maisie- I do think you will enjoy this one...

  3. what do you mean "lower girl parts" why dont they show her parts?

  4. @ BlogSlob- As she is a vampire, she doesn't have the same parts a normal woman has. Its basically a stitched up area and its kinda disturbing.


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