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Friday, October 2, 2009


Tennyson informed me that he has been unable to comment on my page. I think I have fixed the problem. If so, comment away :)

If not, please email me@ capedtirader@gmail.com to let me know

Thanx Tiraders


  1. Yeah I noticed that the other day - it said only members of the blog could comment. But it looks like I can comment now!


  2. I thought you may have kicked us out of the club, but glad to hear it's not so especially since you've been posting about some great horror movies recently :)

  3. @Soda- I'm glad its working now

    @Lady Truth- I would never :) Actually, I tried to adjust the settings on the comments because some dude left a comment trashing my Blog last week...oh well, can't please everyone


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