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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10: "They're Heeeeeerreeee"

The 31 Days of Halloween countdown day 10:

Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist is one of the first horror movies I ever saw and it is just as spooky now as it was then.

The Freeling's had it all. A beautiful house, an upscale development neighborhood, 3 loving children (Dana, Robbie, and Carol Anne)...and their own Indian burial ground.

It seems that this housing development was built on a cemetery and the Freelings are not alone. They unintentionally wake a poltergeist and legions of unrested souls. At first, as anyone would think, the Freelings are amazed with and excited by these spirits. Playing games with them and prompting them to move furniture around the room, but as the old saying goes: 'It's all fun and games until a poltergeist kidnaps Carol Ann through your television set and tries to make her go into the light.'...isn't that how that saying goes?

Anyway, the Freelings soon discover that poltergeists are not just some silly former people who like to perform parlor tricks, but rather they are vengful, nasty, and live in your TV set. ;)

On a side note: If you like clowns, or even better, are terrified by them, then you MUSt watch this movie :)


  1. All things ghosty give me the creeps and yet I can't stop watching those kind of movies. As far as clowns go: I just don't like them since seeing IT when I was seven and being permanently scarred by a weird guy with lots of make-up. Have you seen the trailer of the new movie 'Paranormal Activity'?

  2. I have never seen this movie in its entirety... boo!

    BTW, there's an award for you over at my blog! :)

  3. I had a nightmare based on this movie just after seeing something about it in a magazine when I was a small child.

    Then I watched it as an adult and it wasn't scary at all!!!

  4. @Lady Truth- I have seen the trailer. So far the movie has 94% good reviews on Rottentomatoes.com which almost never happens, let alone for a horror movie. I am psyched.

    @Sami- Its a great flick...thanx.. I'll shout you out soon

    @Soda- Hmm..it is hard to find movies that are genuinely scary as an adult. While it isn't the scariest movie out there. The clown scene and the mirror scene are both pretty scary to me :)


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