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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 14: "According to this...you're already dead."

Day 14 of the 31 Days of Halloween countdown:

Jacob's Ladder (1990):

I probably say this a lot, but, this really is one of my favorite movies. To me, it is a thriller masterpiece. I won't say that its scary, because it really isn't. It is however, interesting and unsettling

The move focuses around Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins), A Vietnam veteran that is now a postal worker, and his girlfriend Jezebel.

Aside from the depression Jacob feels over the loss of his son (Macaulay Culkin), everything seems to be going well for Jacob...

That is until he begins to realize that there are people after him...people or demons? He isn't sure. Neither will you be...is he going nuts? You'll have to see

One of the best elements this flick has to offer is its ability to place random creepy things (from eyeless doctors to crazy midgets) together into a mantage of disturbing images for your mind to dwell upon.


  1. I haven't seen this one, but I may well have a look today! Thank you!


  2. @Maisie- You have to let me know what you think...also, did you check out 'Let The Right One In' yet?

  3. I vividly remember when I was 12 and this movie had just hit Pay Per View... we had a channel with just previews for Pay Per View movies, and there was a preview for this movie that just absolutely disturbed me, yet fascinated me at the same time. I watched it over and over and over as it cycled through the previews! It really does have some pretty disturbing imagery; I enjoyed watching it when I was older. :)

  4. @Sami- It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it so mush! It was actually a huge influence on my favorite video game series as well- Silent Hill

  5. Oooh, Silent Hill!! I remember playing the first one in my parents living room at night.. I was sooo scared to run my character down the foggy street... :)

  6. Excellent film. I wouldn’t really call it a horror (though it is obviously horrific) but more in the class of films that question reality, or the sanity of the central character, through whose eyes it is seen. I know most people wouldn’t regard it as sci-fi, but it owes more to films like Dark City and The Matrix than to ordinary horror films.

  7. @Sami- Hell yea...best horror game series ever!

    @Simon- I definitely agree with you. It isn't quite a horror movie, but it is scarier than most other films.


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