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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The State of The Union

Hey Tiraders,

This is just a few verses I put together. Before you read this please know that I am not anti-government or anything. I just think they need to be kept in check. :)

The State Of The Union

The media's got a stronghold on society

You might choose the flavor, but they choose the variety

Its got me scared man. Its time to stand and

Come together as one to formulate a damn plan.

They call it a melting pot. Turn the heat down

Its time to all join hands together in peace now

Or take to the streets now. Make our voices heard

Instead we give away our choices and follow the herd

Information we get isn't investigated then reported

It's paraphrased, opinion based, spun, and distorted

What's bred from biased views, is not really news

so the whole 'no news is good news' is not really true

The more outlets we have, the more people seem confused

By cons fusing slogans to ad-homs and excuse

"The place for politics", "The World Leader in News",

"Fair and Balanced"; each one a ruse

And the state of politics really makes me sick

Politicians just keep slinging mud 'til it sticks

Trying to prove their high morals by painting others as wicked

Creating high murals in idolatry full of cynics.

They sold the soul of responsibilities

and continually rape a system

Bought buy sponsors with abilities

to essentially shape decisions.

Neocons with blind faith, Liberals with false hopes

have common sense and rationality walking a thin rope

Extreme actions of both result the same way

Some benefit, and the rest just rot away.

If not today, then when will we realize

Five-hundred and thirty-five shouldn't control our lives.

Neither should nine, impede on our rights.

They all have a role and that role should be slight.

We the citizens must keep them balanced and in check

Make sure they rightfully check balances before writing checks

Make sure that checks and balances are in place and correct

And correct imbalances thru vote checks and protests.

United we stand and divided we fall

That was true in Aesop's fable and in John Dickenson's song

Every conscious being knows innately right and wrong

Let's stand up for Liberty and Justice for all.


  1. Wow- that is incredibly clever and true.

  2. Man, this flowed really well. It helped that it was a well put together subject, but still I was reading it like an alternative rap song.

    Like "Rise" by Flobots, if you haven't seen it, I think you would like it:


  3. @ MR. O- Yea, I know that track :) Thanx. I think it reads that way too. glad you enjoyed it

  4. Did I mentione that I'm happy you are back! I've missed you!

    I loved this post. My favorite part is the beginning. "The media's got a stronghold on society You might choose the flavor, but they choose the variety" It's so incredibly true. People think that when they read/watch the media, they are subscribing to the truth. But really they are subscribing to great editing and other people's views.

  5. It's interesting how things differ in our countries: over here they want to ban freedom of the press since what the press is reporting about, hits too close to home. It's nice to read your blog again,CT :)


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