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Thursday, May 14, 2009


It seems over the past few days there has been a running theme in my blog. That theme, pointing out the madness that is Japanese invention.

The Boobie prize for today's madness goes to the inventor of the Husband-Hunting Bra. This bewildering boulder holder is more than just a bewildering holder of boulders. It comes equipped with its very own biological clock that will continuously count down until the woman wearing it gets engaged and sticks the engagement ring in a slot between her...boobs. Seriously, this thing looks like a Taliban-merchandiser’s attempt at a sexy-suicide vest marketed towards female Jihadists.

I can only assume that if the woman wearing this bra doesn't get engaged before the clock strikes zero, her eggs, in an attempt to die with honor, would commit Seppuku and the bra-cups would viciously Tune In Tokyo like some sort of crazy Saw movie scenario.

The inspiration for this ticking tit time-bomb appears to be the increasingly lower marriage rates in Japan. I don't see how a woman wearing a clock of desperation would more ably secure a husband then one who say...wore no bra at all. If they really wanted to make these things appealing to men they should add more functions to the clock. Perhaps a screen on which to play Call of Duty, or maybe equip it with Wi-Fi so we could get updated sports scores. (Was that overtly degrading enough to make my point about how ridiculous this product is?)

Women all over Japan are showing their support for this supporter. I guess the lesson learned here is that Japanese men can no longer get their milk for free.


  1. I wish I had a bra that could play videogames. Although I guess I would spend my entire day looking down my shirt and that may not be conducive to a productive work environment.

  2. Video game bras would definitely be a great invention


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