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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They Musta BEEn Swarming to Get the New World of Warcraft Expansion

The buzz about World of Warcraft is nothing new. Though I don't get what's so great about it personally, it generates something like $150,000,000 per month and has created an enormous community of people who would rather live in a fantasy world than in real life. Gamers infest their local video stores in swarms to snatch up the latest expansion pack releases of this garbage.

This weekend a GameStop store in Union Square, New York was swarmed by a different type of pest, a swarm of bees. These bees apparently had trapped employees inside and gamers locked outside for a few hours.

I would think that a scenario like this would be a geeky gamer-employee's dream as he would then be able to live out some sad live action role playing fantasy where he could finally stand against evil, wield the sword of a thousand truths, and destroy those miniature dragons; thus saving the World...of GameStop. This however is not how it played out. It seems that these employees were noobs when it came to taking action in real life as they instead cowered in the corner of the store until a bee specialist, Randy Marsh Tony Planakis, could be called in to drain the bees of their Mana...After the ordeal an employee was asked what he would do now to which he replied "Now I can finally play the game."

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