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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It Must Feel Like A Bomb Is About To Go Off

The Smoking Gun (Smoking Gun story) reported the other day that Terry Nichols, convicted murderer and accomplice to Timothy McVeigh, is suing the prison in which he resides for serving low-fiber diets which have caused him to have "chronic constipation, bleeding, hemorrhoids."

Ok, first of all, this shit head and McVeigh murdered 168 people making them public enema #1. The fact that they feed him anything on our dollar is beyond me. Secondly, who is the scumbag lawyer who is taking up this shitty case?

In his complaint Nichols wrote: "God created mankind to consume unrefined whole foods" that work "in a synergistic way to keep one's body (i.e. God's holy temple) in good health to ward off various diseases."

So what he is saying is, that he blew up 168 Holy Temples. I love it how guys like this try to 'find religion' and then distort Biblical text to support their insignificant plight. Maybe, he has found religion...Maybe the chronic constipation is really just a resurrection of the pain Christ felt...his bleeding ass - the stigmata...and his hemorrhoids- well, probably just hemorrhoids.

Not surprisingly, this idiot's complaint has drawn support from other murderers including Eric Rudolph, better known as the scum that set off bombs in abortion clinics and at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. With support like that, Nichols should be feeling soft and loose...About the case that is.

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