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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Do You Have On Draught

I read an article from the Associated Press this morning about police officers in North Dakota who responded to a domestic disturbance call made by a woman(Stacey Anvarnia) claiming that she was beaten by her boyfriend (Delbert Harrison). When they got to the scene, they came across a bruised-up and allegedly intoxicated Anvarnia who, in the middle of questioning, whipped out her boob and began breastfeeding her 6 week old kid; and I immediately asked myself the same question you are asking...Could that get me drunk? Good question and the answer is; it depends on how much you like egg nog; which is my guess as to what that would be like.

To answer everyone's second question; yes, they charged this lady with criminal negligence. The thing is, the cops didn't give her a blood test to determine her level of intoxication. My guess is that one of the officers just stuck his head under the tap and took a shot, though that assumption wasn't confirmed in the article.

Aside from the fairly universal fact that any woman who dispenses alcohol from her boobs is a fulfillment of male fantasy; if Anvarnia is guilty of these charges, she is just sick and enraging. Just another unfit mother contributing to the destruction of a child's life.

The strange thing about this whole story is that neither the article nor the police incident report say whether Anvarnia's boyfriend was charged. I guess the lure of boobs and booze is so powerful over us all that even the cops forgot why they initially went there...


  1. wait, i'm sorry what? i stopped reading your post after the word boob and just continued reading that word over and over.


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