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Monday, April 20, 2009

Scum-Dog Hundred Thousand-aire

In the News yesterday, I read a report that the father (Rafiq Qureshi) of the little girl (Rubina Ali) from Slumdog Millionaire tried to sell her to a Russian family for just under $300K saying he "needs to do what's best for Rubina's future." Also stating that Rubina (but really he means he and Rubina's stepmom) were not compensated appropriately from the "Hollywood execs" behind the award winning film, and that they are "forcing him to put her up for sale".

Now, I have no love for the operations of Hollywood, so I'll address that in a minute. BUT, its funny how, now, only after there was no big payday to be had from his daughter's role in the film, it is important for young Rubina's future that she be illegally sold like a pet to some Russian family whose intentions for her are unknown. If the movie hadn't been made or she wasn't picked, he would have more than likely tried to sell her anyway, however, without her recent "star power", he wouldn't be able to ask for as much; and, therefore, would have probably sold her into prostitution on the streets of Calcutta. Seriously, what a scum-dog!

This obviously has nothing to do with the well being of his daughter. I don't have the first clue of how difficult life there is other than what I've seen and read about it, but anyone who would sell their child doesn't deserve him/her. This poor little girl should be riding a new wave into the good life after her role in Slumdog Millionaire, which really was a fantastic movie; but, instead, she has to wake up each morning with the knowledge that her father is looking to cash her in for a 'good life' of his own. And as for this Russian family-what kind of people would try to buy a kid in an illegal exchange, let alone for $300K. I'm thinking people who are looking to turn a profit later either through attempted acting or through, yet again, prostitution. This isn't inevitable.

Perhaps, Rubina should be removed from Qureshi's home and placed somewhere safe. If only Jamal would come to Latika's rescue once more.

Now, about these douchey Hollywood execs. They know whats right and wrong. Regardless of contracts (which everyone knows they had some snake lawyer fill with loopholes and double-talk) they should adjust monetary compensations to the stars of this movie based on its incredible ticket and DVD sales. All I ever hear about from La-La-Land, CA. is that we need to show more charity towards others and how uncompassionate we are and blah, blah, blah. But that's what these Hollywood execs do. Talk, talk, talk and then spend their evenings patting themselves on the back and snorting coke off the bare back of a poor young Indian prostitute by way of Russia. Sickening! I really hope some ethical and logical people step in and do what is right by Rubina, making it a trend to actually help kids like her instead of just yapping.

BTW- If anyone out there wants to see a documentary about what life is really like in those slums, rent: 'Born Into Brothels'. It is insightful.

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  1. You're obviously not compassionate to our eyes. Wall of text burns.

    No, but great point. These people deserve a meeting with Christian Bale, American Psycho style.


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