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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cops Raided His Anatomy and Found...

Let me ask you something. If you were sitting at home one night watching the News and you saw your face on a hotel surveillance camera video from a hotel where you had recently robbed and murdered a professionally paid "stress relief specialist" to help pay off your gambling debts, what would you do?

I'm thinking a good idea for you to cover your tracks would be to grab the handgun you used and the pair of panties you took from her as a souvenir; and then hide them in your copy of Henry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body because, really, it's not likely that the cops would follow a lead such as video surveillance. And even if they did, they'd never believe that you were ironic enough to try to cover up a murder by hiding an article of clothing created to cover up the part of your victim's anatomy that she was selling over Craigslist, in an anatomy book...

Ok. So I'm not saying that Philip Markoff is the now notorious "Craigslist Killer", but if the plastic cuff restraints fit...he probably did it. I'm not a jury, so whatever.

Even if he didn't do it, but by some horrible twist of fate he coincidentally came across a bag in an alleyway containing some panties and a gun and thought to himself, "I need these...these would look good on both me and my bookshelf", you'd think that after the video surveillance was publicized he might have been smart enough to get rid of that stuff. He is a Med. Student after all.

If he is found guilty, I say fry him without remorse. I definitely believe in the death penalty for murderous scum. Instead though, defense lawyers will probably get him out of the death penalty by convincing a jury of something like: The pressures of Medical School forced him to start relieving stress by playing cards and soliciting escorts; and that the real criminals are the institution of gambling and Craigslist. After all, it's not his fault that gambling is so fun. Nor is it his fault that Craigslist is running rampant with prostitution...He's the real victim here. His murdering of those escorts was a righteous act against hedonistic behavior.

They are already toying with the idea of shutting down Craigslist's solicitation pages because, obviously, without access to it, Markoff would probably have never killed anyone. Morons!! People who believe that are the same people who blame McDonalds for peoples' health problems rather than the fact that some just won't put their fork down.


  1. what's with you and people's insides? first that little girl, now this?lol

  2. Hahah! It's a sick, sad world out there, man. I'm just writing about what's in the News...


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