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Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus Has Finally Been Immortalized

Since his crucifixion, approximately 1,970 years ago, people have rendered stories, images, and structures of faith in attempts to immortalize Jesus Christ. These attempts to immortalize Jesus, though great, all fall a bit short of proving what they aimed to...I mean The Bible? Great story! Divinci's Last Supper? Good try. The construction of a religious system based off of his ressurection? Eh... Finally, thanks to a church in Stockholm, Jesus has finally been immortalized in a manner suitable for a King. INTRODUCING TO EVERYONE:


That's right nonbelievers. You can now convert with confidence! In a shift from monetary tithings to 'toythings' a church in Vasteras, Sweden asked churchgoers to, instead of money, donate 10% of their Lego collections resulting in nearly 30,000 Lego pieces donated. The churchgoers reluctantly deconstructed their to-scale deathstar replicas and pirate ships with functioning masts to assist in the recreation of the ressurection depicting Jesus, proving that not only did he rise from his tomb to be reunited with God, but that he came back as a grey-plastic, expressionless shapeshifter from Denmark. The downside to this is the that the Consumer Product Safety Commitee has issued a warning to the public that Jesus is no longer safe for children under 5 as he is now made from small parts that may be considered a choking hazard. A small price to pay for immortalization.


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