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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Judge a Book by its Scruffy Beard and Fleece Sweatpants

I consider myself to be a charitable person. While I probably don't give the average religious tithing (10%), I give as much as I can with what I have on me when the situation calls for it.

There I was, one my way to the supermarket to get some Dutch Chocolate cookies and some milk so that I could go home and watch some old episodes of HOUSE and clear some space from my DVR, when, as I parked, I saw a lady and her daughter collecting donations at the supermarket door.
Quick background on the area where my supermarket is: its well-to-do and so are most of the people.

As I was walking up to the supermarket I could here the lady asking for contributions from everyone that walked by...she was NOT shy. So, as I walked up, I started reaching for my wallet...and that's when she did it! This lady looked at me in my fleece sweat outfit, scruffy beard, and Army hat; and turned the other way toward NO ONE! I was dressed VERY casual, but its not like I looked homeless (I am very handsome, and I smell great). I couldn't believe it. I was snubbed by someone soliciting charitable donations at a grocery store. I guessed that the kids she was collecting money for didn't need my money after all.

I grabbed my cookies and milk, paid, and headed out. As I passed Snobby-Judgmental Charity Lady(SJCL), her daughter stopped me and asked me very politely if I'd like to donate money to help children with Lupus. Ok...it wasn't Lupus (as everyone who watches House knows, its never Lupus). Well whatever it was, I gave her what was in my wallet and smiled...As I walked away SJCL said in a loud clear voice, "Thank you, sir." I instantly went from vagabond to statesman in her eyes. Hopefully she learned a lesson from her daughter


  1. Dude, I love giving people nicknames. And stupid House- always making me think that I have an auto-immune disease!

  2. hahah...they always think its sarcoidosis

  3. It's not just House. Trying looking up stuff on WebMD..It's always Lupus

  4. yea...On House though, it is NEVER Lupus...thats why he used to hide his Vicadin in the Lupus medical guide

  5. house cant hold a candle to scrubs...


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