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Friday, April 10, 2009

"ADOPT" a Hero

With the celebrity craze of going to third world countries to adopt children (overlooking the hundreds of thousands awaiting adoption in the U.S.), and flying them to Hollywood so that they can be carted around by a nanny all day and be screamed to by paparazzi in a language that they can't understand; and then exploit the situation by selling "private family moment" pictures to magazines all so that a few months later they can be stuck in the middle of a custody battle during a very public and often times embarrassing divorce because either their new 'mommy' couldn't kick her cocaine habit, or their new 'daddy' was caught in a hotel room with a tranny prostitute....pheeew!- it's easy for people to get caught up in madness. This madness aside, Amercians are very charitable people.
This got me thinking about how important charity is. And how important adoption is. Which then segued my thoughts toward a different type of adoption; and then, to how many of our 'beloved' celebrities bash our beautiful nation -and the men and women who in a twist of irony, defend both the nation and these celebrities’ rights to continue bashing. Yea...that’s how my brain works...anyway; I wanted to highlight one of my favorite organizations. It is called:


This very amazing group is one that was created by a few military moms. Its purpose? To ensure that our soldiers are reminded how much they mean to us through correspondance, care packages, etc. To help ensure that the soldiers who are across seas defending liberty don't feel alone or as if they are forgotten. It is easy and free to join and you can 'adopt' as many soldiers as you feel you can correspond to. If you ever felt like you wanted to DO SOMETHING WORTH WHILE, here is your chance- it doesn't take up much time. You won't have to worry about the paparazzi, cocaine, trannys, scrutiny, or receiving a series of innoculations to ensure you don't pick up any one of a number of incurable diseases along with your adoptee like you would in a celebrity style adoption

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