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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gimme My Tree-Fitty

I'm sure you all know that on April 3rd, a man (Jiverly Wong) went crazy in Binghamton, NY taking a ton of hostages before killing 13 people plus himself in an ordeal that lasted about 4 hours and for safety purposes required that the police place a nearby accounting office building on lock down until the scene was secure.
Now the obvious question is: were the accounting clerks in the nearby building able to leave and take their union mandated lunch break during all this? The answer, No, though they were provided with pizza and soda during this time. Case closed right? We can all rest?...NOPE

Not if you are James Kauchis. Kauchis, a clerk in that nearby building filed a formal complaint requesting monetary compensation for missing his lunch break. Fuck the hostages, he needed a $5 foot-long and those bastard cops wouldn't let him out. In fact HE was being held hostage! After all, it’s not his fault that the American Civic Association picked the WONG guy to mess with. WHAAAT THEEE FUUUCK?!?!
Someone needs to send this guy a $5 foot in the ass! Can we be a little more self-centered and uncompassionate? The good news, common sense prevailed and the director of the county’s personnel department denied Kauchis his tree-fitty. Hopefully he isn’t the next one to go on a terrible rampage. I, for one, also get cranky when I don’t get to go out for lunch.

To read more about this terrible crime, click here:

Oh yeah, and to read about the ACA shootings, click here:

All sarcasm aside, this was a terrible tragedy. May the victims R.I.P


  1. wong?

    But in all seriousness. WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY?

    This guy needs to be put in the middle of a Black Adam killing spree.

  2. Did you say this guy was in a Union? Shocker he tried to get something he didn't deserve but figured he would give it a try.


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