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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I read an article today that on a Dutch show called Devil's Advocate, they held a mock trial of Osama Bin Laden where they exonerated that piece of Shi'ite from the 9/11 attacks citing that there was no concrete evidence linking him to the attacks. Apparently a video-taped bragged admission to orchestrating the attacks that killed 2,996 of our men, women, and children and destroyed their families, combined with the slew of terrorists attacks preceding and following are simply not proof positive enough for some.

So, what's the big deal? Its just a few Netherlunatics on a TV show attempting to prove OBL's innocence using a real lawyer in front of a studio audience...its not real, its just a show. True, but so is American Idol and have you seen how many morons vote for contestants based off of the judgments made by Paula Abdul? I mean granted, she is one of the most genius minds since Carl from Sling Blade, but...Stupidity like this pours gasoline on conspiracy fires increasing their reach.

What are the implications of things like this? Well, lets say a certain extremist sect of our society gets their way and people like Bin Laden gain Miranda rights and protection under our Constitution. He no doubt has the money to hire as many ACLU lawyers as he wants. If a defense attorney who has enough time on his hands to perform in a mock trial on a TV show can convince people that OBL is innocent, how hard do you think it would be for slip-and-fall ACLU lawyers with HUGE political connections to conjur reasonable doubt in a jury hand-picked by them?
Far fetched? Maybe, maybe not. Just something to think about.

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