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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 21 & 22- Women are SCARY

The 31 Days of Halloween countdown

(Sorry to all for falling slightly behind with this. I will be caught up shortly)

Day 21:

Carrie (1976):

I hadn't seen Carrie in years, until I had the unique pleasure of seeing this film on original reel in the magnificent Landmark Loews Theatre on Friday. Man, I forgot how great this movie is and not because of the slow motion opening credit scene; during which there is a lot of this...but because it has all of the elements that makes a horror movie great AND stylistically has been taken from over the years to make other great horror flicks.

Poor Carrie and her crazy, fanatically religious mother. They just didn't fit in with everyone else. We all know how cruel high school kids can be. BUT in this film, they picked on the wrong girl.

This movie has a large cast of fairly prominent actors including Mr. Tony Manero himself. Add to that a slew of quotables and a sprinkle decently scary scenes and you have a great flick

Day 22:

Gothika: (2003)

Gothika is an example of a smart thriller. Starring Hallie Berry, Charles S. Dutton, and the dude playin' the dude disguised as another dude, Gothika is a great movie about a woman (Berry) who is admitted into the psychiatric hospital that she worked in after being charged with killing her husband. THe problem is, Berry doesn't remember doing it...oh and she begins to see ghosts....either that or she's going crazy.

There are plenty of gotcha moments and a very good story line that will keep most people on their toes. Enjoy.


  1. I actually have seen both of these although I think I forced Husband to see Gothika during daylight hours (that's my stipulation if I think a movie will be too scary for me), and yeah I thought both of them were quite good although I already knew how Carrie ended waaaay before I actually saw it.

    PS - My Halloween post inspired by you is up; I gave you some link love too : )

  2. Haha I just saw that Gothika was on the AOL worst horror movies list and I was like, psh no, that movie's pretty good. I've seen it a time or seven! (Also, I think it's Halle).

  3. The very end of Carrie (with the dream) frightened me for years; there's just something so surreal and spooky about it...

  4. @Soda- Yea, the ending to Carrie is about as predictable as the beginning of Jaws...Both are amazing anyway! Thanx for the shout out. I will hit you back soon

    @Ashley- AOl is stupid! Gothika is a great flick and it isn't overly exposed which makes it even better. BTW- I think you are right, but I'm gonna leave that typo.

    @Sami- That dreamlike sequence was, I'm sure, inspiration for many horror movies.


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