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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Caped vs Lola

So, A few weeks ago a good personal friend and great blogger, Lola, wrote an interview style Blog about me in which she asked me to share a little bit about myself (side note: Lola is actually the one who got me to start blogging). I think it was pretty cool of her to share me with her followers.
Now, it is time to return the favor. If you've never checked out her blog, you should! In the meantime, without further adieu, here are a few question I posed to Lola along with her responses.

1. How did this personality (Lola Lakely) appear? Where did the name come from?

Well, my friend Wyatt and I failed at all attempts to be accepted by our peers. Our desperation to be liked lead us to "create" a woman via my computer. Our living and breathing creation was a gorgeous woman, Lola, whose purpose was to boost our confidence level by putting us into socially awkward situations, embarrassing obstacles, and a really mean 'roid induced brother named Chet. Hilarity ensued.

Plus, I like blaming all the naughty stuff I do on her.

2. You often discuss Creepy Creeps. What was the creepiest encounter with a creepy creep?

Wow, that's hard. I mean there have been such a plethora of encounters. But I guess I'm gonna go with the guy who actually referred to himself as "creepy serial killer guy."

3. Why do you liken yourself to Jessica Rabbit?

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." That about sums it up. I have a ton of guy friends and have had some, well, issues with some of their significant others. I like to think some girls live in a special place called Crazy Girl Paranoia land. Of which, I am proudly not a member!

4. What is the one thing that you want people reading this (that don't know your blog) to know about it?

I'm sarcastic, mostly shallow, and occasionally witty. But fear not, I'm also just as hard on myself as I am to other people. Also, I'm a bit of a tomboy- I play video games, watch sports, and curse like a sailor.

5. If there were 2 people you could make disappear forever, who would they be any why?

Scarlet Johansson- Her man hands and her man voice and her severe lack of talent upsets me. I mean if she just chose hot girl roles like Jessica Alba or Megan Fox, I'd be okay with her cause she's definitely hot. But she chooses these look-at-me-I'm-a-deep-actress-and-the-muse-of-Woody-Allen roles. Ugh, just don't talk Scarlet. Look pretty. Then we'd be all good.

That lady who treated me like a slave when she came up to me during that conference at 7am when I was hung over, her eyes glazed over in free-conference gear mania. Yeah she definitely needs to go down. Her and her sausage link sized fingers grabbing at my free anti-bacteria lotion.

6. Give us a quick run down of your favorite topics to blog about.

Socially Awkward situations, Socially Awkward Situations and Socially Awkward Situations. As always it has been utterly delightful to sit down with you and your Cape. Thank you kindly. Let us imbibe some alcohol soon together.

There you have it. Everyone I've come across in this writers world of Blog has been pretty cool. Shoot over to Lola's page and show some love over there.

- the CT

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