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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Blog Awards

Hello all,
Ok, a few weeks ago a really talented blogger friend, Lady Truth, from South Africa was kind enough to give me an "award" by shouting me out to her followers as a decent (loose term) blog that is less than 6 months old. So, in true bloggy fashion, I will do the same. Here are six blogs, under 6 months old that I follow:

1. Lets start with Lady Truth. A true wordsmith with an interesting day to day in South Africa. Check out her latest blog about her kick ass grandma.

2. Do you like viral videos? Offensive cartoons and instant message converstaions?Then check out the Blog Slob.

3. Once again, I'll shout out my friend, Lola. Get your taste of dating disasters and encounters with creepy creeps here.

4. In a twisted world of creepy erotica you'll find Proud Maisie . Explore your dark side here.

5. Want a dose of honest musings from a guy that pulls no cards? Try out Mr. Condescending. the name says it all.

6. Here is a different kind of blog from a very talented bead worker named Valarie . She's just about as talented as they come, and she even does celebrities.

There you have it. If any of these blogs tickle your...whatever, then make them smile by becoming a follwer. Thanx


  1. Oh yesss I won! Hah I love award time! Thanks caped tirader, I truly appreciate it from such a fine gentleman as yourself.

  2. Wow! I've never been called a "wordsmith" before so thanks for that :) It makes me feel all important and wise and able (all the things I'm not). Much love to you for those kinds words ;)

  3. Thanks for the shouty shout out! It' s nice to have you back CT.

  4. @Mr. C.- Anytime. You make me laugh and shake my head in disbelief at the same time!

    @LadyTruth- You are that! You tell some great stories

    @Lola- I shout you out every chance I get :) after all, you are the one who convinced me to start blogging

  5. Goodness, thank you! That is wonderful, especially as I think you are pretty darn good yourself. Though now I feel the pressure to be extra creepy/sexy. *sigh* I suppose I am going to have to go to even more fetish parties.

  6. @Maisie- Thanx, I'm glad you enjoy my writing. Hah- I'm still trying to decipher what within your blog is fantasy and what is reality...

  7. Well would it help if I said that very, very little is fantasy?

  8. Thanks for the list of disturbed people just like me !!!

  9. @King of NY Hacks- Sure thing. Welcome aboard


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