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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In The Face Of Tyranny

Every once in a while there is a News story featuring somthing positive. This is one such story.

Defending personal liberty against tyranny is essential to our species survival. This defense is not solely the responsibility of allied soldiers, but the responsibility of every individual. And, as everybody who knows Will Hunting or William Congreve can tell you, "Liberty is the souls right to breathe...Without liberty, man is a syncope." I often, in some way shape or form, give thanks and admiration to soldiers, but today I would like to give some praise to Aziz Royesh, the students of Marefat High School, and their parents.

Mr. Royesh is the Headmaster of Marefat High in Kabul, Afghanistan; and since opening his school he and his students have been victims of savage and primitive angry mobs out for blood. What did they do? You might ask. Well, Royesh allows girls to learn in the same school as boys. Yup, the nerve of that guy, huh?

The bravery of these families needs to be publicly applauded. Royesh appears to be a man who understands the importance of liberty.

These brave families live in a backwards land with truly corrupt political figureheads and many communities full of disgusting savages (Offensive-Oshmenshmive!) . A land where Shiite clerics act as "moral" police and pass twisted laws allowing horrific acts against their own people. Especailly women! For instance, the law that deems marital rape A-Okay.

This is a land where people have no qualms about murdering to protect these "moral laws". Mr. Royesh was told by people in his community "that the girls would be burned with acid if they did not trade in their school uniforms for traditional Islamic clothing."

BUT! Have these families retreated from liberty in the face of tyranny? Did Mr. Royesh close his school down. Hell no! And that is why he and these families should be commended.

It is stories such as this one that shout out how lucky people born in free, civil societies really are. Too many take that fact for granted. Let the actions of Royesh and his students be a reminder of the risks that people in countries full of turmoil are willing to take in defense of our most precious and basic right as human beings...Liberty.


  1. This was a great post. Full praise should go to Mr. Royesh and, especially, the girls that attend his school that refuse to be cowed by prejudice.

  2. Mr. Royesh is awesome! Great post :0)

  3. @Tennyson- Definitely! I can't imagine how terrifying it must be on a daily basis

    @Lila- Thanx. I'm glad to find a positive story to write about :)


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