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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ireland Bound

Top of the mornin' to ya!

I know I was just away for a week, but the time has come again for me to take a trip. Mrs. Caped and I are going on a vacation to Ireland tomorrow night (the 7th). Yup, for the next week I'll be in the land of leprechauns, potatoes, and WHiskey. I am literraly jumping around with excitement. Fear not Tiraders. I will be back in a week's time and up to my old shenanigans. Mrs. Caped has wanted to go to her whole life so it should be a great time.

I am not the biggest fan of long flights and the only time I've ever been overseas is when I was in the military. I will counter my uneasiness by throwing back a drink and sleeping during as much of the flight as possible. Afterall, it was the sleeping passengers that survived the time shift in The Langoliers.

So, anyway, I'm sure to have a great time! What about you out there? What has been the best, worst, or most memorable vacation you've ever taken?
I look forward to hearing about it.


  1. thats awesome! i hope uhave a good time! post pictures!
    my best vacations: venezuela, costa rica, peru

  2. I was just in Ireland in Feb.

    You HAVE to go to Dublin and take the Guiness tour, it is insanely fun.

    Also in Ireland the 80's are thriving in fashion and style everywhere you look. When getting on and off of the buses they don't believe in lines or waiting. Just bum rush the door.

    I gave an irish man a NJ style verbal lashing while I was there. He completely deserved it.

  3. Have the BEST time! And worst trip ever...Detroit. Its dirty/filthy and blows. At least where I was. But I went to visit my main gay who was in grad school at the time. Best vacation...oh, lucky to have many good ones but we went to Anguilla and stayed at Cap Jaluca two years ago. In-cred-i-ble.

    Cheers to a fab getaway with Mrs Caped.

  4. How fun! I've never been out of the country, but I would love to visit some place overseas some day.

    My best vacation was when I took my family to Walt Disney World last December. We had an awesome time! My least favorite vacation actually happened about a week ago, when I was in California. I wrote about it in my blog! I just had a pretty lousy time...blah.

    Have a good trip!!

  5. Have a good trip dude.. Have a guiness for me

    Best trip(s) are the ones that were a lot of stuff in a little time

    US Road Trip - Chicago, Lincoln, Snow Bird, San Fran, Scottsdale, El Paso, Austin, New Orleans, Jacksonville Beach, jupiter Beach, Myrtle Beach, Baltimore

    European Adventure - London, Amsterdam, St Goar, Munich, Hopfgarten, Venice, Vatican City, Rome, Florence, Lucerne, Paris

    No bad vacations, cause if your not home and not working , its got to be good

  6. Awesome!!! I so want to go to Ireland. And yes, I spend most of the flights sleeping and drinking too. I hate flying. Post pictures, yes. And most memorable trips have been to Cuba. I find the culture quiet and refreshing, and the people are so kind. Not to mention the scenery. I'm so Hemmingway like that.

  7. How long is the flight? 23 hours long, like ours was from Oz to England? If not, suck it up princess. Best place? Denmark. Worst? Parts of Egypt (but not Egypt as a whole. Egypt is beautiful.)

  8. Over from ladytruth's blog... Have a great time, the closest I've ever been to Ireland is Boston.

  9. Whenever you get back, please make a stop at my blog to claim your award :)

  10. As a dubliner I STRONGLY advise you to go to The Stag's Head for the best Guinness of your LIFE! Have fun!

  11. @Novelista- I almost spent my honeymoon in Costa Rica, but we decided on St. Lucia instead. I still wanna go!

    @Natalie- Didn't have time to take the tour, but we did go to the Gravity Bar. Good times

    @JennymAc- I don't think I'll be vacationing in Motown. Thanx.

    @Lila- I've actually never been to Disney. I did however go to Universal. It was a blast

    @Mxyzptlk- Fair enough. I can't recall a bad vacation either.

    @Shaylen- When did you visit Cuba? Sounds like a great time.

    @Tennyson- Try 21 hours on a military cargo plane. No windows, no air control, no noise reduction...oh and sitting backwards. No princess here :) I always wanted to go to Egypt.

    @Eric- welcome! Hey, Boston is a great time.

    @Ladytruth- Hey thanx! Will do

    @Judearoo- Thanx. I didn't hit up Stag's Head as I was only in Dublin for about a day. I spent most of my time on the west coast. But had plenty of Guinness.


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