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Monday, August 31, 2009

Special Thanx

I just wanted to write this post to say thank you to LadyTruth, Teacup, and JennyMac for shouting out my blog! Now...go follow these ladies. That is all


  1. Hah they do rock!

    The powerpuff girls theme song is awesome!

  2. That is the cutetest bloody thing I've seen this decade! I've always wanted to be a superhero and that's one of the reasons I started following your blog: when I read your profile I knew I was at the right place ;) I love Bubbles (what's not to like about cute little blondes looking fabulous in blue?) and I will now be your slave forever (just don't make me call you "Master").

  3. @Mr. C- yea, it was actually a funny cartoon

    @Barista- Thnx

    @Lady Truth- Well, thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy my blog as much as you do! You've done plenty of pimping my blog, just returning the favor


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