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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey Tiraders,
So, I don't typically ask, but a few buddies of mine created a great new movie review website that I would like everyone to please join. I know there are a lot of movie review sites out there, but the guys over at Popcorn Worthy have created a great system for moviegoers to find out the real scoop regarding what a movie truly has to offer. That system is one of creative Icons. Each review is stamped with icons (Alerts, Awards, & Warnings) that tell you various information about the movie you are looking for. Here are a few examples of each (click the link for a description).


The BIG 80's Alert

The Gay for Pay Alert

The Red Shirt Alert


The Killer 'Stache Award

The Training Bra Award

The Lorenzo's Oil Award


The Chowda-Head Warning

The Comedy Is Beneath Me Warning

The Book Was Better Warning

Ok, there you have it. Like I said, this is a buddy's website so thanks to anyone who checks it out and bigger thanks to anyone who joins.

-The CT


  1. I'll definitely check it out! The alerts, awards, and warning buttons are awesome, haha!

  2. movie site? I will def have to check that out. Comedy is beneath me sounds interesting, haha. But speaking of movies, I got a little quiz going on at my blog. So far, only the ladies have answered. And I'm sure you can do better than some of them

  3. bugger thanks? does that mean if we join, we get buggered? I'm so conflicted now.

  4. anything that has a swear word in the first three lines i know i will love!

    but they have done an awesome job- im going to explore now and choose a movie to watch tonight based on them :)

  5. @Lila- Thank you...the icons are pretty fun

    @Mr O.- On my way to your Blog in a minute

    @Tennyson-Thanks for pointing that out, lol...typo fixed.

    @Alyssa- Thank you for showing them some love.

  6. Awesome! You know me and Steve Guttenberg. He's like my BFF. Don't Tell Her It's Me was a stroke of brilliance!

    I am so checking this out CT. You couldn't keep me away.

  7. Looks great. Happy to join :)

  8. @Lola- Hahah...yea, I know you love you some Guttenberg

    @Valerie- Thanks for giving them support


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