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Monday, August 31, 2009


SO, I read a news article from last week about a hugely successful TV show out of India that is about a 12 year old girl who is married off to an adult male and lives with him and his family portraying a "reality" type vision of true pedophilic marriages that occur in India where, according to UNICEF, they account for nearly 40% of all child marriages in the world. Ok, I know what you are thinking and that is exactly what my first thought was; Eat your heart out Benny Mardones.

In all seriousness, how does crap like this get the nod from the average couch pedo potato? I mean, I know why it gets the nod from the TV execs, but I find it kind of sad that this prime time perversion racked up 74 million viewers in July alone. But then again, due to the staggering number of these marriages, I'm guessing that at least a portion of its viewership is made up of strapping 20-30-something-year-old men and their prepubescent brides; thus making the show nothing more than a family friendly sitcom. Talk about gross.

I bet you are wondering if there are laws in place to stop these tween touchers from forcing poor innocent girls into these slavery marriages. Well, The article goes on to say that the "legal age for marriage in India is 18 for girls and 21 for boys, the law is often ignored." Oh...that explains it. There are laws, its just that no one follows them.

Its 2009 for crying out loud. How is savagery like this still common place in the world? When will the daughters of the world no longer be subjegated by the sons of misogynist fathers? I know not all cultures are the same and it is wrong for one to try to force their ideals on another, but anyone with a brain stem and a conscience can see...well, you know where I'm gong with this.


  1. I agree with you on all counts with this post. I wonder how the young girls feel? Supposedly they're brought up to know that this sort of thing will be happening, but surely that doesn't make it less frightening. I'm sure it's something to do with having to marry a virgin. Which doesn't make it right, I hasten to add.

  2. I ....... wow.

    While I understand other there are many different cultures in the world, this is just out of hand.

    People also love reality TV, the grittier/skankier/freakier the better. If it's pushing the envelope, they'll watch it. (The drama!)


  3. There's this show about reality series' that didn't make it to our televisions. Some of them include a show similar to the Bachelorette with one teeny, tiny exception: the "Bachelorette" is actually a transgender male which the contestants only find out after getting eliminated. I think I'd rather watch that than crap only pedofiles and perverts can drool over. Disgusting.

  4. Culture and traditionally accepted morals will always tend to resist attempts in law to reduce human suffering.

    I’m old enough to remember when the breathalyser was introduced into the UK. Until then prosecution for drunk-driving were difficult to bring, so, as in the case you describe, it was against the law but the law was rarely observed. It was also against a culture of drinking – including driving while drunk – being a macho thing to do.

    In my childhood naivety I thought that people would be glad to see the introduction of something that would reduce road casualties, but other, good, traditional and cultural values of ‘civil liberties’ came into play. This resulted in the utterly bizarre situation where local police forces actually issued assurances that they wouldn’t lurk outside pub carparks in order to catch drunken drivers – which was somehow regarded as unsporting. I mean, you’re trading the right to enjoy getting wasted against human life – what is there to dispute?

    You may think that’s an inappropriate comparison, but I make it because it’s something I have a personal memory of. Proof, as if it’s needed, that most people are selfish and/or unimaginative. You only have to look at the number of people who mention in their blogs about using cell phones when driving to see how this kind of attitude still prevails, and always will. 40 thousand road deaths a year in the US? Nothing to do with me – I want to make a phone call.

  5. My first reactions have already been said. I just really hope that picture doesn't go with the show, or else I am REALLY creeped out.

  6. Yup, and I heard an equally nauseating one on the way: "Tourette's boot camp".
    I kid you not.

  7. @Tennyson- I know a few women who's parents wanted to arrange a marriage for them, and they were not happy with it. I can't imagine how terrifying it must be for a little girl to be forced into something like this.

    @Sami- you are right. I mean look at those turds Jon and Kate. their poor kids are gonna have problems later.

    @LadyTruth-I heard of that show. I don't know how they can get away with that either

    @Simon- Your comparison, tho not as disturbing in many ways, is definitely valid. Its funny how many people who cry they want liberty cry for bailouts and gov't teets to scukle whenever they get into trouble. I stnad in defense of common sense

    @Mr O. -hah. NO that is a picture of a halloween costume I found on Google

    @Judearoo-Hmmm- tourette's Boot Camp? That's pretty sick tho I'm not sure I understand what the premise could possibly be. I must look it up


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