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Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Mean I Have To Do Something For Myself?!?!

Time to tirade a lil' bit...

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear, see, or read about snot-nosed, spoon-fed, simpletons with huge senses of entitlement because they have been indoctrinated by their parents and mentors with undeserved praise and the belief that everything should be handed to them. AND it is getting tiresome. I am really sick of our generation's Veruca Saltedness.

This is an era in which many people believe that achievements that one person has earned, the other should get automatically. One where, in many schools, a student can fail a subject and still be allowed to move up to the next grade because some Super Geniuses determined it would be more damaging to the child to be held back and actually learn something than it would to allow him/her to move forward with his/her peers.

So where does this tirade bring me? It brings me to Trina Thompson. Trina, a young woman who recently graduated from The Monroe College in the Bronx, has been having trouble finding a job since she earned her degree in April of this year. Jobless for 3 months now and staring like a 'dumbass-in-Dear Lord our future is in trouble', Trina is doing what any responsible, intelligent college graduate would do...

She's Actively look for employment frivolously suing her college for $70,000 dollars for, according to her, not assisting her adequately in finding a job. Yup, that's right, apparently its her school's fault she is unemployed. (Man, I hate lawyers who take cases like this.) I suppose one could argue that her college has a hand in how utterly moronic she is and sue them for her lacking intelligence (since they are supposed to educate and they clearly have not done so), but to sue your college for not getting you a job is ridiculous.

I'm willing to bet that she isn't the only April '09 graduate from Monroe College. So, did everyone else in her class find a job? Or do they just possess common sense and some threads of self determination?

Trina's family expressed concern as they were depending on her finding a job to help them avoid slipping further into poverty. I understand their concerns, but where is the acceptance of responsibility for your own fate? I know 'times are tough...blah, blah, blah...' and 'the economy....blah, blah, blah', but gimme a break. Perhaps there aren't many ideal careers, but there are jobs out there; and it is up to you the individual to seek them out and do what ever it is you have to do to sustain yourself.

I know this entry seems harsh, but I really hope the courts find in favor of the college. In the meantime, I'm going to contact my lawyer and work on a lawsuit suing the New Jersey Lottery as I feel that they have not fulfilled their end of the 'dollar and a dream' bargain.


  1. that just takes the piss! the audacity! i guess it's just another symptom of sue everyone for everything! that'll fix it!

  2. is she freaking insane? well clearly she is... how can someone sue because she is a lazy brat that most likely sleeps all day!! and how is she affording this lawyer... AND she thinks she would earn $70k in 3 months.... gosh cant wait till reality hits! ANDDD like anyone is going to hire this insane girl that thinks she can sue at the drop of a hat. End Rant.

  3. 3 months huh. I remember being out of work for nearly five years but I wasn't interested in suing anybody. It was my fault. I knew things would pick up, I just had to persevere. Kids these days aren't allowed to fail and it's ruining them. I've written a little about this somewhere else. It just makes me shake my head for the future.

  4. WTF?! How does this case even have legs to stand on? Goodness gracious...moronic.

  5. @Becky- There should really be a penalty if a law suit is found to be frivilous

    @Alyssa- Yeah! Good luck finding a job now...

    @Tennyson- That, my friend, is the difference between you (a logical person) and this waste of space

    @Lila- Ah...the magic that is our legal system. You can sue anything for anyone. Did you know that if a burglar drops a TV he is stealing on his foot while climbing out your window, he can sue you?

  6. HA! I couldn't find a job right out of college so I took up a crap job at a bank because they had decent health insurence. I later on found a better job. People just need to realize that you might have to job slum it for awhile. Any paycheck is better then no paycheck at all.

  7. I really hate adding legislation, cause every day that congress is in session, we lose a little more of our freedom but I believe it is europe that has some interesting ways of handling these lawsuits. Loser pays... yes thats right.. if you are willing to risk the lawsuit, and are willing to pay if you lose.. go at it.. This would actually keep the courts cleared from frivolous lawsuits, and protect these businesses from having to pay out settlements way more than deemed worthy.. Just an idea..

  8. I said it in another blog, but it bears repeating:

    For her next escapade into frivolous lawsuits, she is suing her parents for failure to provide adequate genetics to make her attractive, intelligent or interesting enough to find a mate to wed and leech off of for the rest of her meaningless life.


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