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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ireland Trip, Day 3 & 4

On Monday we took a guided bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher . Our tour guide, Paul, was about as good as they come. If you are ever in Galway and want to take a bus tour, contact Healy tours and ask for Paul. You won't be disappointed.

The Cliffs are ~214 meters straight down into the chilly drink below. Unfortunately, due to a few jumpers, a few pushers, and a few 'Oh-Shit-I-Slipped...ers', you aren't allowed close enough to the edge to trigger vertigo. regardless, the cliffs are wonderful. So wonderful in fact that they are in the running to become one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Yes, it is that spectacular. And again, pictures can't illustrate its beauty. Anyway, less blabbing and more pictures:

The Cliffs

Beware of falling rocks and 'Price is Right' yodellers...

CAUTION: Do NOT Walk On Fire Lest You Wish To Be Attacked By Seagulls

Are you lonely? Haven't met that special someone? Are you starting to get the feeling that while you're sitting at home in front of the computer searching for porn love, that there's a huge party, that you weren't invited to, full of willing and able singles looking for some good clean Irish-Catholic frolicking (hehe- fro' licking) in the pasture?...WELL, here is your official invite. All you have to to is hop on a plane and hit up Ireland's biggest singles event. The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival!
Ladies. Do you like guys with accents?
Fellas. Do you like boobs booze?
Well, Lisdoonvarna has plenty of both. What are you waiting for?

This cottage was on the way back from the Cliffs. Amazing!

This is called a 'Fairy Tree'. What you do is stand under it, make a wish, and then tie a string to it... the tree, not the wish. You may notice some empty soda cans tied to the tree as well. Were they wishes for more soda, an act of utter disregard for recycling, or clever product placement by some Coca-Cola reps? I wished I could one day learn the answer...Shit! I told you what I wished for. Now we'll never know.

Day 4 was spent touring Connemara (the town in which we stayed) and this castle named: Kylemore Abbey. It was a really cool place, however, there were very few rooms open to the public and a man, who I can only assume owned the place, kept sneaking up on us.

I took this picture for my homey, Homer Jay Simpson.

I found out that I really like Guinness :)

Stay tuned for more :)


  1. Great pics and nice commentary. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  2. I want a fairy tree too. Were do I get the seeds for one of those? A boy named Jack?! ;)

  3. @Tennyson- Thanx! I'm glad you enjoy them.

    @LadyTruth- Hah. I didn't find out what kind of tree it actually is. They grow in such a strange way. Well, you can wish upon the one I posted if you like, though, I'm not sure where you'd tie the string in that case...BTW- I haven't forgotten about the award. I'll do something about it soon!

  4. I've seen that "Do NOT Walk On Fire Lest You Wish To Be Attacked by Seagulls sign" Great fun! I also have a picture of a car driving into the ocean from Ireland that brings me joy.

    Thanks for sharing CT!

  5. Yeah! I finally am able to comment on your beautiful pics.

    Welcome back from the trip. And glad to see Guinness made it into your montage as well.

  6. More awesome pictures! I'd be too afraid to get too close to the edge of the cliff anyway, ack!

  7. @Lola- Nice...I didn't see that one. You'll have to show me

    @Jenny- Welcome back! Yup, the Guinness was delicious

    @Lila- I wear a cape so I woulda been fine...I would have loved to get some better shots of the cliffs.


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