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Friday, July 31, 2009

Do Ya Know What I MEME?

Ok, so the talented Ms. Britt tagged me for one of those MEMEs that are floating about. Apparently all I have to do is tell everyone some stuff about the man behind the Tirades...

The rules:
1. List 7 facts about me
2. Tag seven other bloggers so that they can do the same.


1. Bacon makes everything better.

2. I think too many people of my generation feel entitled.

3. In the Army I learned that the best way to avoid having to burn shit in the middle of the desert is to be the only one in your unit that knows how to secure radio frequencies.

4. I am a horror movie junkie!

5. I have a terrible habit of driving with my knee.

6. I used to cheat at 'Heads up Seven Up' by looking at people's shoes.

7. I have an irrational fear of, and at the same time am fascinated by sharks.

So, there it is...7 quick facts about me. Here are the 7 bloggers I'd like to pass this to:

1. Tennyson @Andy Warhol
2. Alyssa @ Just Putting It Out There
3. Valerie @ A Visible Spectrum
4. Mr. O. @Mr O 4 SHO
5. JennyMac @lets have a cocktail
6. Shaylen @iamshaylen
7. Jennifer @The Novelista


  1. aw- thanks for the tag.

    It took me about 3 minutes to remember what heads up seven up was- that game rocked!

  2. 1. - Hell yeah bacon makes everything better!
    5. - This is a Jersey thing and you just can't fight the Garden State that resides deep inside you.
    6. - I did this too!!!

    Excellent interesting facts.

  3. Dude! Next week is shark week! Starting Sunday!!! Welcome back, btw.

  4. Love the tag...and your seven interesting facts including #6 which I may or may not have also done. LOL.

  5. Brilliant! Seven facts on the way. Soon, I'll have nothing left to blog about.

  6. @Valerie- that was my favorite...I also like 'Eraser Tag'

    @Natalie- It must be a Jersey thing because people in my car never seem to get nervous

    @Lola- I Know! I am watching it as I type this

    @Jenny- Hahah...I'm starting to think everyone did this

    @Tennyson- Nice...I'm on the look out

  7. How did I not see I was on this? And here I was trying to be cool and getting your name on mine but I guess you beat me to it. But I guess it was by a day? Haha, i guess it proves your superheroness though


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