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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Concerts...Who Have You Seen?

Hello Tiraders,
Tomorrow (Friday the 31st) is going to be an awesome day. Lock Up Your Daughters because I am going to see one of the greatest rock bands of all time; AC/DC!

I can not wait. I’ll be travelling from the Highway to Hell down to Giants Stadium. Tailgating will begin early so it’s guaranteed to be a day of Dirty Deeds, High Voltage rock, and Thunderstruck fans rocking out harder than a ’74 Jailbreak.

So, that all got me thinking. I am really interested in finding out from all of you what concerts you have gone to throughout the years. Here are the concerts I’ve been to so far (not in exact order) with a song I recommend you check out (Headliners only):

1. Beastie Boys (Ill Communication Tour)- SONG: Paul Revere

2. Live w/ PJ Harvey and Veruca Salt - SONG: Lightening Crashes

3. Prince w/ Morris Day and the Time (Prince played pretty much every instrument on stage at some point during the show= it rocked) - SONG: Seven

4. Missy Elliot w/ Alicia Keys and Beyonce (who I can not stand BTW) - SONG: I Can't Stand The Rain

5. Billy Joel (At this concert, Mrs. Caped figured out that I was going to propose to her) SONG: You're My Home (my wedding song :) )

6. James Brown w/ Stephen Kellogg (I saw the Godfather of soul ~1 year before he died and it was AMAZING) SONG: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

7. Live (again) SONG: They Stood Up For Love

8. Damien Rice (I was really impressed with this show. Great live performer) -SONG: Cheers Darlin'

9. Styx-Foreigner (great show!) - styx SONG: Renegade; Foreigner SONG:Juke Box Hero

10. Motley Crue w/ Smashmouth, Buck Cherry (Crue Fest) (This show was only ok)-SONG: Home Sweet Home

11. James Taylor - SONG: Fire and Rain (of course)

12. Michael Buble w/ John Ondrasik, KT Tunstall, Babyface, and a few others I can’t remember SONG: Eh...he does a lot of great Jazz covers. Instead for this one I'll Recommend John Ondrasik- I Just Love You

13. George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic- (I was pretty disappointed with this show. George Clinton's voice was sooo hoarse from all the weed (no doubt) he could barely vocalize the songs) SONG: Theme From The Black Hole

14. Atmosphere w/ Abstract Rude (Atmosphere is one of my favorite artists of all time) SONG: Body Pillow

15. 3 Doors Down w/ Hoobastank and Safetysuit SONG: Citizen Soldier (because its about the National Guard :) )

16. Regina Spektor w/ Little Joy (this concert was a lot of fun. Regina is very quirky and odd but she has an angels voice and nice melodic piano tunes) SONG: Remember That Time

I think that's it…SO, tell me about the concerts you’ve been to. Oh, and if you are going to be at the AC/DC concert, give me a shout!


  1. oh man, this is my kind of post. Here we go...

    but first. Comments:

    James Brown & Prince sound they would have been fun. That's honestly what I want out of concerts -- a show. Hopefully AC/DC will give you that. And it would be curious, but i would like to see Regina Spektor in concert.

    My answers:

    Creed: Yea, I'm sorry about that one too. SONG: wouldn't even bother anymore

    Wango Tango: Do festivals count? Saw this in California in 2001 and it was a pretty eclectic mix w/ the headliners being Ja Rule and No Doubt haha

    Hoobastank: Saw them at some fair. Kinda sad to watch. SONG: Remember Me

    Warped Tour (2005, 2008, 2009): Way too many bands to name, but there of the best shows I have been to. Outdoor all day concerts in the sun are the best

    Taking Back Sunday (2007 w/ Armor For Sleep, Underoath) (2009 w/ Envy on The Coast, Anberlin): Favorite band. Great nights. Too many songs to recommend, but if you catch like five of my blogs you will see a song by them somewhere.

    Coldplay: One of the best nights of my life. SONG: Lovers in Japan. There are songs that are definitely better than this but it was so cool watching it live.

    Sorry for long comment, but blogs with music or movie questions usually get my attention

  2. two things: 1)you're old 2)oh, wait. that's all i had. ahahaha! nahw, just kidding. you're all right. (and i'm old as well...)

    have a killah time at the concert! :)

  3. @Mr O- My new musical mission. Listen to some Taking Back Sunday songs as I am not overly familiar with them. Thanx

    @Backy- Thanx! It should be a great day/night

  4. right so im going to sound like the biggest teeny bopper with this list... but here goes...

    Kylie Minogue a few times


    Christina Aguleria

    Kelly Clarkson

    Backstreet Boys

    Gwen Stefani

    Rob Thomas

    Kayne West

    then there is rumba,a big pop fest- emma bunton, nelly futardo, Blue, Madison Avenue, Human Nature, Vanessa Amarosi...

    Oh and i saw smashing pumpkins... that was an experience.......

  5. Being an old fart and an ex musician, I've been to many, many gigs in my time but the two that really stand out:

    Gillian Welch at the Prince of Wales. Song: the whole fucking set.

    Dead Moon at the Barwon Club. Song: Pissed off and Playing with fire.

    Two of the best gigs I've ever been to in my life.

  6. I really need to go to more concerts, but here's who I've seen

    - *NSYNC (Britney Spears and B*Witched were opening acts)

    - *NSYNC again

    - B2K and Mario

    - B2K and Bow Wow (I forget what the name of the tour was, but I went three times, only paid for tickets ONCE and won the others from radio!)

    - Nelly and the St. Lunatics

    - Britney Spears

    - Bon Jovi (Daughtry opened and they were awesome!)

    - Lady Gaga (White Tie Affair, Cinema Bizarre, and Chester French opened)

    I don't think I'm leaving anyone out...so those are the concerts I've been to! Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi were a blast! White Tie Affair had an awesome set, too :)


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