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Monday, July 27, 2009

Homeward Bound

The countdown begins as I pack up my stuff and head home. I hope you all didn't forget about me. I'll be back tomorrow in full effect. See you then



  1. Not forgetting you anytime soon!

  2. @Lola- I wouldn't expect less.

    @Simon...you know, I'm not really sure anymore. I think this cape is effecting my ability to decipher reality from fantasy

  3. Caped, I've missed you! And spooky coincidence that those two songs popped into my head without even needing to click on the YouTube links... But I did anyway. It just confirmed your awesomeness. Come back soon, lovely man ;)

  4. You'd best have lots to blog about then!

  5. @Teacup- Thanx! I've missed you as well. Hahah...The 2nd link is one of my favorite songs and is in my favorite movie of all time :)

    @Tennyson- I shall do my best :)


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