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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Someone Give This Guy A Hand

Ok, here's an article about yet another group of people without common sense. This story comes out of Florida. Home to such past gems as (self-pimpage warning): The Most Important Meal, For the Love of Mummy, and a few others, this ridiculous tale doesn't suprise me the least bit.

Steve Valdez, a man with two prosthetic arms, tried to cash a check his wife wrote at the Bank of America where she has an account, but when he got to the counter he was faced with a true dilemma. The genius teller told him he couldn't cash the check without providing thumbprint identificaiton. Do you see the dilemma here? No arms = no thumbs. When Valdez explained the impossibiliy of this request and provided her with 2 forms of ID, she got her supervisor who basically thumbed her nose up at him and said his options are to either have his wife come in or open a separate account.

Now as a general rule of thumb, I am somewhat understanding when it comes to an employee following company policy. Hell, I've, at times, even given people a big thumbs up for following the rules. But this instance of 'I'm just doing my job' makes me want to rise up. These people can stck their thumbs up their butts and spin.

That's basically what Valdez told said. He pretty much told them to take a hike (though he didn't do the gesture). He then warned them of their violations under the Americans with Disabilites Act and that they will have a field day with this.

The Bank supervisor conceded his point and challenged him to a winner take all thumb-wrestling match. Ok, I made that part up, but seriously she might as well have considering how obsurd this whole story is. BUT a spokesperson for the Bank of America DID say that the supervisor should have caught on to how illogical she was being and provided Valdez with another option, but sometimes their employees are all thumbs...Ok, that didn't happen either.

What actually happen was a man was put in an unimaginable and embarrassing position due to the inability of a couple of bank tellers to use common sense....but, I don't want to point fingers.


  1. "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?"
    "No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir. I merely bite my thumb."

    Or something like that.

    I hope BoA lose all of its differently abled customers. Serve them right. Idiots.

  2. It must be great playing rock/paper/scissors against this guy. Hehehe

  3. Yet another sign that common sense is vanishing faster than....well, than something that vanishes really fast.

  4. Some people are so think. It's like if there isn't an established procedure for Situation X, their programming shuts down and they're stuck at Solution Y.

    If only their heads would explode like when Austin Powers confronted the FemBots.

  5. People can be such morons sometimes, blah! Common sense really isn't so common...

  6. No way. That is pure, super pure genius. You gotta love Florida. Personally, I have fond memories. We used to go there to visit my aunt when I was younger. She lived in a quiet neighbourhood, away from the city. I wandered round in my black t-shirt that read "Satan's Slave". I still have the t-shirt. Good times.

  7. Shame on BofA. Ridiculous.

    Love all your tongue in cheek humor...or shall I say, you have a great writing trigger finger instead?

  8. Common sense? What is that?

    The more blogs I read the more I'm losing any and all faith in humanity.

  9. gah! i can't even believe that! well, strike that.. i can. i HATE boa! we've crossed swords on many occasion. they're crappy crapheads who can SUCK IT! good post, sir!

    ps i may or may not be watching lotr

    pps enjoy your blogcation :)

  10. This was hilarious, loved the take a hike gesture part lol!


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