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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Season Is Upon Us

Hello Tiraders,

After a much needed break, I'm back, sort of. I will be blogging, but I am going to change it up for the next month.

So, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess I have a strange draw to the dark side of things. With that said, there are plenty of other reasons why Halloween rocks:

-Its the one day of the year that you can wear a Superhero outfit and not feel like an outcast.

-It becomes acceptable to host horror movie marathons that start at 10am and end when the last person falls asleep(as I mentioned before I am a bit of a horror movie freak)


-Costume parties

-Scary decorations

Ok, in light of all of this I am going to, for the month of October, post a daily movie recommendation in a list I made, 'THE 31 DAYS of HALLOWEEN". Be on the lookout. In the mean time, I have created what I believe to be a pretty good Halloween party music mix that I would like to share with you all. You will notice the list excludes the "corny" traditional halloween songs (I.e. -"Monster Mash") but rather it is full of real songs that remind me of Halloween or are in any way creepy/scary. In my mix I sprinkled in audio clips from my favorite horror movies to make the overall listening experience a bit more creepy. (I left those clips off of the list as well) If you have any musical recommendations feel free. I am always looking to improve my party mixes. I hope you all enjoy this brief change of pace and I hope I bring to you some music and movies that you haven't heard/seen. Anyway, here is the list:

1. The Cramps- I Was a Teenage Werewolf
2. Rob Zombie- Dragula
3. The Ramones- Pet Cemetery
4. The Specials- Ghost Town
5. Nightmare Before Christmas- Grimm Grinning Ghosts
6. Warren Zevon- Werewolves of London
7. Ozzy Osborne- Bark at the Moon
8. Fresh Prince- Nightmare on My Street
9. The Who- Boris the Spider
10. Oingo Boingo- Weird Science
11. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Red Right Hand
12. Jim Carroll Band- People Who Died
13. Guess Who- Clap for the Wolfman
14. Ween- Voodoo Lady
15. John Fogerty- Wicked Old Witch
16. Whodini- Freaks Come Out at Night
17. Atlanta Rhythm Section- Spooky
18. Charlie Daniels Band- Devil Went Down to Georgia
19. Blue Oyster Cult- Don’t Fear The Reaper
20. Laura Branigan- Self Control
21. Dr. Demento- They’re Coming To Take Me Away
22. Johnny Cash- When the Man Comes Around
23. Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf
24. Ac/Dc- Hells Bells
25. Alice Cooper- Feed My Frankenstein
26. Richard Cheese- Down With the Sickness
27. B-52’s- Devil in My Car
28. Metallica- Enter Sandman
29. Halloween Theme Song
30. CCR- I Put A Spell On You
31. Alice in Chains- Them Bones
32. Dead or Alive- Something in My House
33. Dixie Cups- Iko Iko
34. Alice Cooper- Welcome to my Nightmare
35. ICP- Every Halloween
36. The Dickies- Killer Klowns from Outer Space
37. Elvis- Devil in Disguise
38. Ray Parker Jr.- Ghostbusters
39. Friday the 13th Theme Song
40. Iron Maiden- Hallowed Be Thy Name
41. Johnny Cash- Ghost Riders in the Sky
42. Ministry- Every Day is Halloween
43. INXS- Devil Inside
44. Steve Miller Band- Abracadabra
45. Michael Jackson- Thriller
46. Gnarls Barkley- Run
47. Blue Oyster Cult- Joan Crawford
48. Jaws Theme Song
49. Little Shop of Horrors- Mean Green Mother From Outer Space
50. John Fogerty- Eye of the Zombie
51. Nightmare Before Christmas- This is Halloween
52. Oingo Boingo- Dead Man’s Party
53. J. Geils Band- Fright Night
54. Rob Zombie- More Human Than Human
55. Talking Heads- Psycho Killer
56. Antsy Pants- I am a Vampire
57. Rockwell- Somebody’s Watching Me
58. Rolling Stones- Paint it Black
59. Iron Butterfly- Ina Gadda Da Vida
60. The Kinks- Wicked Annabella
61. Rocky Horror Picture Show- Time Warp


  1. I would like to add: The Cure - Lullaby

    Welcome back to the blogging world.

    Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays. Unfortunately I'll be on a plane the entire day. =( I told my husband I will be flying in costume. He asked if he had to sit next to me. =)

  2. Heyyy! Nice list. Monster Mash IS a classic though.

    I like candy but costumes and stuff is a bit too much effort for me. Hmm, you may have inspired a Halloween post!! Ha!

  3. now I am slightly confused by your statements. Did you actually make a mix? Because I would love to hear it. Or is this just a list? I love a lot of the songs in here (Dragula, Enter Sandman, Hells Bells). You might have inspired a theme for one of my shows. The only thing I would add is theme song for the first Saw (I really hope that is one of your movies)

  4. @Natalie- Thanx for the suggestion. Where are you flying to?

    @Soda & Candy- Some costumes take work, but I love costume parties. They are so much fun. I'll be on the look out for your post

    @Mr. O- Yes, this is the mix I made for Halloween (only I have a bunch of movie audio clips throughout it). True story about Saw. I took my wife to see it on our first date. I know, I know, I'm a romantic. A new one comes out every year right around our anniversay :)

  5. Nice list, I'm youtubin it trying to see if I recognize any of the songs!

  6. Mercyful Fate - The Witches =)


  7. I'll be flying back to NJ from Cancun. We depart at 2 pm and don't get home until 11:47 PM.

  8. I recommend Come to Daddy by the Aphex Twin. Scariest fucking film clip I've ever seen. And Holloween seems to be making something of an inroads over here. We actually have kids Trick or Treating now. It's kind of weird, not having grown up with it.

  9. I wish, wish I could watch Horror movies. I like the concept of them but I am the worst, most horrible scaredy cat EVER. I like to blame being a writer thing. It makes me imagine all sorts of things. When I saw the Ring, I had to sleep with a night light for like a week.

  10. That is one extensive list! And nicely done, I have to say with Ac/dc, Metallica and Alice Cooper ruling the chart. We don't really have Halloween here, but it's fun watching the Americans go all out every year with grown men living out their Scooby Doo-fantasy ;)

  11. @Earl- Thanx...there are some real gems in there

    @Sisco Kid- Thanx. Iwill check it out.

    @Natalie- That gives you 13 minutes of partying until midnight....Hmmm, 13 minutes...

    @Tennyson- Ok, I watched that vid. Definitely one of the craziest things I've ever seen...scary too! Its definitely a fun holiday.

    @Lola- The ring has that effect on many people....the whole fun is getting scared. I love that feeling

    @LadyTruth- I sometimes forget the Halloween is an American thing. It is soo much fun. To me, its mostly fun because I really like costume parties, but most people don't want to bother getting dressed up except for on Halloween.


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