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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Horror Count Down Warm Up

8 days until the 31 Days of Halloween horror movie countdown begins! As a warm up, I've decided that over these 8 days I am going to have a variant countdown highlighting the lighter side of horror. These are the movies that make you laugh while characters are torn to shreds. As will be in my other countdown, these movies are NOT in any particular order. Just some good old fashion frightening, fear-flinging fun :). There are probably many out there who have seen a majority of these movies, but if you're someone who hasn't, start loading up your Netflix queue. Enjoy!

Today's picks:

1. Shaun Of The Dead- Probably the most well known horror comedy out there, Shaun is in my mind one of the funniest movies ever made AND it has a few decent gotcha moments to boot. If you like smart dry humor, zombies (ooops I said the 'Zed' word), and Grand Master Flash then this movie is for you.

2. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - From two of the greatest minds in entertainment, I present to you this classic. A star studded cast anchored by Lon Chaney (the Wolfman) and Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi. This hilarious movie highlights the 'Odd Couple' relationship of Bud and Lou magnificently as Dracula attempts to kill and steal the brain of a dim-witted union worker for the sake of trying to make the Frankenstein monster more pliable. A real classic!!

3. Clue- The original who-done-it. Clue is another one of my all time favorite movies. Super quotable and hilarious. Plus, for you scaredy cats out there, this one is pretty much spook free, though it has it share of murders :) If you haven't seen it then you're in for a treat! This movie will KILL your boredom, in the Living room, with shear genius.

That's all for today folks. Check me out tomorrow . Happy viewing


  1. I loved Shaun of the Dead! Great list, looking forward to seeing more. :)

  2. As soon as I saw the title I was wondering if you were going to be putting Shaun of the Dead. Nice.

    and this

    This movie will KILL your boredom, in the Living room, with shear genius.

    was the GREATEST way to end a blog ever.

  3. I loved, loved Sean of the Dead. Hey we should get people to see that new movie Zombieland. That looks sooo funny!

    And Clue is in my top 10 movies of all time. I hated her.. hated her so much.. flames.. burning, heaving flames at the side of my head!

    I like these posts CT!

  4. @Sami- Shaun seems to be movie that everyone likes...I've yet to meet someone who doesn't...and if I did, I wouldn't trust them :)

    @ Mr. O.- hahahah thanx! I hope you enjoy the rest of them.

    @Lola- YES!! I have been waiting for Zombieland for a while. It promises to be a fun flick.

    That is definitely one of the best scenes in the movie

  5. I've never seen "Clue." It's definitely on my to-watch list now

  6. @LadyTruth- You will NOT be disappointed! Let me know when you've seen it :)


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